Yearly Awards

2016 Awards

Rookie of the year: Phil Cunningham  Redbridge Raiders

O'Connor Cup: Zombies

Hall of Fame: Beverley Brockway

Div 1 Winners: Knicks

Div 1 Runner Up: The OAP's

Div1 Male MVP: Raj Seedeehul  Dodgers West

Div 1 Female MVP: Katherine Carter  The OAP's

Div 2 Winners: Southampton Spitfires MK 1

Div 2 Runner Up: Portsmouth Dodgers East

Div 2 Male MVP: Simon Allen  Spitfires MK 1

Div 2 Female MVP: Rachel Adams  Hurricanes

Div 3 Winners: Chichester Falcons

Div 3 Runner Up: Zombies

Div 3 Male MVP: Ben Sawkins  Falcons

Dive 3 Femal MVP: Lauren Cummings  Zombies

2015 Awards

Our 20th anniversary awards were hosted at the Spinnaker Tower in Gunwharfe. Below are all the awards for the 2015 season. Congratulations to all our winners.
Hall of Fame inductee 2015
Will Taylor
Will is the 11th person to be inducted into the hall of fame. He goes into the hall of fame as the retiring chairman, and one of his last jobs was to introduce each award winner for 2015. Below is the winner, and Will's speech for each one. It appears Will was trying to get in a certain artists song titles into as many introductions as possible.
Rookie of the Year 2015
Jessie Westcott
Southampton Spitfires
someone who was nominated by 3 league captains, who was a product of the very successful Southampton indoor recruitment campaign, who has shown themselves to be very versatile and certainly no-one's going to be saying who's that girl anymore :)
Division 1 Male MVP
Jim Porter
Solent Sluggers
Very well deserved, turns out that 2015 was an incredibly successful season for him. I'm not sure who he's paying off, hmmm should I be checking the accounts?
Division 1 Female MVP
Becky Dowling
Itchen Knicks
This is a nice one to present, someone who has only been playing a couple of years, but who I think has impressed from the start, and has a big future in front of her.
Division 2 Male MVP
Alan Lee
UPSU Shafters
This is a nice one to present, someone who has only been playing a couple of years, but who I think has impressed from the start, but who has a big future in front of her.
Collected by Jamie Delderfield
Division 2 Female MVP
Yuka Wada
Chischester Falcons
This is an interesting one. The recipient is actually half the world away right now. This is someone who played a killer first base & base hit teams to death all year.
The wonders of modern technolodgy meant Yuka was with us, albeit on an iPad screen.
Division 3 Male MVP
Ross Anderson
Zombies of P'Town
We may have added another division this year, but this guy couldn't be denied again, can you say repeat baby. I'm just happy he's here this year to collect the award in person.
Division 3 Female MVP
Lucie Smith
Portsmouth Dodgers East
This one was very close but I'm delighted to say that this goes to another Rookie, & one who to my delight looks completely at home in the outfield.
Collected by Paul Langford

Division One Champions
Portsmouth Dodgers West

Division One Runners Up
Solent Sluggers

Division Two Champions
Southsea Sharks

Division Two Runners Up
Hursley Hurricanes

Division Three Champions
Portsmouth Dodgers

Division Three Runners Up
Southampton Spitfires

O'Connor Cup
UPSU Shafters

Anniversary Tournament Series Winners
The OAPs

Anniversary Tournament Series Runner Up
Portsmouth Dodgers West

Anniversary Tournament Series Male MVP
Jim Porter
Solent Sluggers

Anniversary Tournament Series Female MVP
Lauren Cummings
Zombies of P'town