Tom Prince Cancer Trust and the Solent Softball League

Tom was born and lived in Portsmouth. He was a lovely boy, friendly, caring, polite, good fun and always a pleasure to be in his company. He was a keen sportsman enjoying football, cricket, golf and softball especially. Even though he was too young to actually play within our League, he could always be found on the sidelines throwing & catching with his Dad & sister whilst their team, The Homers, were competing. In fact, he took great pride in trying to catch & collect all the foul balls that were hit during every game.
In February 2003 Tom was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) of the left humerus. Treatment lasted 8 months, which included 18 weeks of chemotherapy and the removal of the humerus, replaced by a titanium implant
Tom finished his treatment at the end of October 2003 and for the next two months he returned to school and lived life to the max. In January 2004 scans reveiled metastasis had grown and surgery to both lungs would be required. After this he then had 6 more sessions of chemotherapy. His treatment was very intense, spending weeks in hospital and suffering side effects. He amazed both family and hospital staff with his ability to cope with the whole situation, never moaning, always hopeful and cheerful.
He had a brief spell from July to September where again he returned to his life in the fast lane, enjoying all the things that were dear to him. Unfortunately tumours to the lung returned and another operation took place on the 9th September. Tom endured and again pulled himself through, determined to carry on, looking forward to returning to school etc. At the end of September 2004 a brain scan confirmed further tumours and sadly on 18th October 2004 Tom passed away at home, on the eve of his 16th birthday.
Although a boy, Tom had the bravery and endurance of several men. He spread his love & infectious smile everywhere he went and inspired us all. This unique young man is greatly missed by everyone.
Almost immediately after Tom passed away, family and friends felt the need to keep Tom's memory alive and to do something positive in his name. They decided to set up the Tom Prince Cancer Trust and proceeded to then make the trust a registered charity.
Soon afterwards, the Solent Softball League chose to make the T.P.C.T. its nominated charity and have proceeded to raise funds for them every year by donating profits from their various tournaments and events. Then in 2005 they created the ‘TOM PRINCE INDOOR TOURNAMENT’ which has subsequently become a popular annual addition to the SSL calendar, helping the League to raise well over £18,000 to date.
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