The Zombies

With the success of the indoor sessions for new players in 2014, the Zombies were....raised from the dead. With their head shamen Jerry Borel at the helm, the Zombies are full of enthusiasum and out to eat your flesh.
Year Established:
Team Captain:
Home Field: 
League Titles:
Other Titles:
Jerry Borrel
Tangiers Field
O'Connor Cup Winners 2014
Ross Anderson

Scott Summers

Dan McCabe
Gavin Bogoje

Cary Chen

Barrie Stewart
Will Stone
Rob House

Gabriel Borel

Lauren Cummings

Jaimie Moutrey​
Jerry Borel

Vicky Harton

Michelle McCabe

​Nikki Nutland

Chantal Wirth

Lucy Priest

​Jenna Turner

Maddy Shouthcott

Jo Creese
Sarah Renda