Team / Not Currently registered to a team
How many years approx. have you been playing in the SSL?
How did you come to start playing softball in the SSL?
Regardless of where your particular team is ranked, are you happy with the current 3 division structure of the SSL?
Do you have any suggestions on possible alternative ways of structuring the League (FYI – we are predicting 14 participating teams in 2016)
Are you satisfied with the amount of softball which is available for you to take part in locally (i.e the amount of League fixtures – the amount of tournaments run by the SSL)
Are you happy with the recurring days (i.e. Wednesday & Sunday) that softball games/sessions take place on each year? Would you prefer for this to remain or would you suggest playing on alternative / random days?
Did you play for one of the SOLENT TOURNAMENT TEAMS this year? NO: If not, Why not? YES: Which one?
TRAINING – what trainging sessions did you attend this season? Your own teams? Open invite SSL sessions ? Did you attend the Spring Training Day?)
How would you recruit someone into coming along to try softball for the first time? Do you have any recruitment ideas that you think would be useful to the SSL as a whole?